Monday, April 02, 2012

Verse: Patrick in the buttercups

I loved that horse
Big ears swivelling
Back and forward
Often one pointing each way.
Dangly lower lip
and elegant whiskers,
Mad for mints
Imperious and bullying:
A big copper shield
Shining in the sunshine
With four white socks on
Dainty giraffe legs.
A lively lad
Bored with schooling
Living and longing
To jump as high as the sky,
To gallop and fly
And snort and plunge
Just for the living of it,
To bound and buck
Just for the joy
Of breathing the breeze
And sailing
Through the blue and green.
Innocent in repose
Apt to shy at dragons in
Dock leaves and pose,
Like heroes do,
Distant and proud.
Good without thinking
Bad without malice
A joy and terror:
Patrick in the buttercups.
I often caught my breath.
I loved that horse.



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