Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Colonel Moseley's MOZQUIZ

Here's a light-hearted quiz I prepared covering the last year or so on Birmingham 13, Moseley's premier neighbourhood magazine.

Since January, we have covered most things from profiles to haikus to constructive criticism, so for a change and in the spirit of Moseley in Bloom and Mozfest, I give you MOZQUIZ. This is intended to examine your knowledge of what’s gone on in Birmingham 13 this year, combined with a cunning personality test:

Literature: Which famous writer was born locally and based his bestselling books about the quest for an item of jewellery?
(a) J.K. Rowling
(b) J.R.Ewing
(c) A.A.Gill
(d) J.R.R. Tolkien

History: What date was shown on the cover of the August edition of Birmingham 13?
(a) August 2007
(b) Summer solstice… man
(c) Septuagissima
(d) April 2007

Spelling: What is the correct spelling of the name of the famous local man exclusively interviewed in the April issue of Birmingham 13?
(a) Mozzam Begg
(b) Mozambique
(c) Moseley bog
(d) Moazzam Begg

Current affairs: Which anti- social driver did I criticise in my piece Colonel Moseley Returns?
(a) Van Morrison
(b) Vin Diesel
(c) Vin blanc
(d) White Van Man

Celebrity: Who was profiled in the first of my occasional series Brummie Heroes?
(a) Julie Andrews
(b) Eamonn Andrews
(c) St. Andrews
(d) Harvey Andrews

Geography: Which thoroughfares in Moseley past and present have not been contrasted in recent issues of Birmingham 13?
(a) Salisbury Road
(b) Alcester Road
(c) Victoria Parade
(d) Oxford Road (leafy location of our own dear Moseley Towers)

Botany: What is the correct name of the campaign which funds the floral display in the Village and other work?
(a) Moseley in Bloomers
(b) Bloomin’ Moseley
(c) Moseley Shoals
(d) Moseley in Bloom

More celebrity: Who was extensively featured at the Moseley Garden Party in a questionable striped shirt and improbable hat, clutching tongs and fork?
(a) Jamie Oliver
(b) Sylvester McCoy as Dr.Who
(c) Nigella Lawson
(d) The esteemed Editor of B13

How to work out your score: Score one point for (a), two points for (b), three points for (c) and four points for (d). Total your score for all eight questions

How to interpret your points total:

Between 0 and 7: Isn’t possible - but you may have a career as a government statistician or in local politics.

Between 8 and 12: You are either wilfully ill-informed or a bit silly. Alternatively you may be above quizzes and consider your score is ironic in a wry, post-modern sort of way...sadly, we shall never know.

Between 13 and 17: You are moderately knowledgeable and mean well although somewhat inclined towards gullibility. Beware adverts for personal injury lawyers, stair-lifts and debt refinancing on daytime TV and UKIP brochures

Between 18 and 24: You are a worldly-wise Moseleyite with an impressive grounding in history, geography, celebrity-culture and even spelling. Your towering intellect and erudition suit you to write for Birmingham 13. Ever thought of trying? Go on, give it a go!

*this quiz appeared in Birmingham 13