Friday, April 07, 2006

Profile: who is Colonel Moseley?

Colonel Moseley – retired and daring to give advice

Until recently, Wilfred Moseley was Managing Director of Moseley Engineering. He now lives comfortably in retirement with his long-suffering wife Letty – affectionately called “The Mem” - at Moseley Towers just off Oxford Road in the leafy and multicultural suburb of Moseley in Britain’s proud second city of Birmingham.

Letty and her twin Bunty came from a good Warwickshire county family – the Tittertons of Snitterton - and were well versed in a range of country pursuits, particularly riding.

A shared love of horses gave Wilfred and Letty something in common on meeting at a tennis party between the wars. After marrying in Birmingham, the young Subaltern Moseley took his pretty bride back to his Cavalry Regiment in Poona for many happy years.

Now making the most of his retirement after promotion to Colonel and a lucrative subsequent career in component engineering, Wilfred fills his days at Moseley Towers. He is found useful tasks by the Mem and enjoys simple pleasures ranging from avoiding family gatherings to eating Mr Kipling country slices whilst watching Countdown most afternoons.

Keen to give something back to the community, the Colonel also submits helpful articles on a range of issues to local neighbourhood magazines and equestrian publications. His extensive body of work includes the insightful portrait of life in livery in a yard in the leafy Vale of Vaysey owned by an old school-friend of the Mem's, snappily entitled, "Bunty Pargeter's Lazy Pastures".



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