Thursday, April 06, 2006

Colonel Moseley on Trouble at Work

What ho! Enjoying a cup of tea and a Mr Kipling country slice after Countdown yesterday, I was telling the Mem that I thought it was about time I explored political correctness.

She used the word “combustible” again, and went on to comment that my views were “ a tad grumpy”. “Couldn’t you try to be a little more constructive?” she said. Not being the sort of cove to resist a challenge, I thought I would dip into the wealth of experience gained from those years leading the troops in the Regiment and then at Moseley Engineering.

I appreciate that the world of work is now more and more a jungle. The days of a pleasant chat over the tea trolley and jobs for life are over. Now it’s all bullying in the workplace, stress induced illness and tribunals. So this month here are ten ways to know you’re in trouble at work. It’s probably time to take the hint, move on and change your job when your boss:

1. Never lets you finish a sentence,
2. Looks six inches above your head, never at your face,
3. Rejects all suggestions you make,
4. Forgets to invite you to any company functions,
5. Throws things at you,
6. Contradicts any statement you manage to make,
7. Removes the best parts of your job,
8. Kicks your desk and/ or filing cabinet,
9. Belittles any part of the job or achievement you consider important, and
10. Prefers anyone else to do your job, including the Chairman’s niece.

I hope that helps: even more constructive advice follows next time. Pip, pip!!

*this advice first appeared in Birmingham 13

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